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A Practice of Stillness

Yin Yoga


Yin yoga is a calming and healing practice that encourages deep relaxation and healing. Rather than engaging the larger muscles as we do in a more Yang or traditional yoga practice, Yin focuses on stimulating connective tissues, fascia, and joints. Yin yoga is a quiet and meditative practice and is a perfect complement to a more Yang or active practice.  Some yoga experience is recommended.  Monthly on Sunday afternoons from 4 to 5:30 pm Sept. 17, Oct. 15, Nov. 19, Dec. 10.

Yin Yoga


Long holds, lasting 2 – 5 minutes

Slightly challenging “active” stretching

Focus on Lubricating joints/bones and loosening fascia

Perfect for anyone looking for a gentle practice without loosing all intensity

Helps optimize an active lifestyle

Restorative Yoga

No holds, total surrender

Not challenging at all

Focus on total body relaxation and release

Perfect for anyone healing from illness or injury, in need of deep rest, or seeking emotional support

Helps nourish and reset the body

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