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Yoga & Journaling

Yoga's mindful breath and movement, paired with journaling's reflective power, unlock a deeper understanding of ourselves. Both practices cultivate present-moment awareness, one through physical sensations, the other through observing thoughts and emotions. Set intentions, track progress, and celebrate achievements in your journal to stay motivated. This introspective blend fosters self-acceptance and compassion, guiding you on your journey to a balanced mind, body, and spirit.

Self Compassion


  1. Reflect on a recent situation where you were hard on yourself. How did you respond to your own self-criticism? What could you do differently next time to show yourself more compassion?

  2. Write about a time when you extended compassion to someone else. How did it feel to offer kindness and understanding to another person? How can you apply that same level of compassion to yourself?

  3. Explore the concept of self-compassion as a practice of treating yourself with the same kindness and understanding that you would offer to a close friend facing a difficult situation. How can you cultivate this mindset in your daily life?

  4. Describe your inner dialogue during moments of struggle or failure. Are you more likely to criticize yourself or offer words of encouragement and support? How can you shift toward a more self-compassionate mindset?

  5. Think about the role of self-care in self-compassion. What activities or practices help you nurture yourself and replenish your emotional reserves? How can you prioritize self-care as an expression of self-compassion?

  6. Consider the relationship between self-compassion and resilience. How does treating yourself with kindness and understanding during challenging times contribute to your ability to bounce back and persevere?

  7. Write a letter to yourself from the perspective of a compassionate friend or mentor. Offer words of encouragement, understanding, and support as you navigate your current challenges and setbacks.

  8. Reflect on any cultural or societal influences that may have shaped your attitudes toward self-compassion. Are there any beliefs or norms that you would like to challenge or redefine in order to cultivate a greater sense of self-compassion?

  9. Explore the connection between self-compassion and self-esteem. How does being kind and gentle with yourself contribute to a more positive self-image and sense of worthiness?

  10. Consider the impact of mindfulness on self-compassion. How does being present and non-judgmental in your thoughts and experiences facilitate a greater sense of compassion toward yourself?

Yoga Binds

  1. Reflect on your experience with yoga binds. What was your initial reaction when introduced to them? How have your perceptions and abilities evolved over time?

  2. Describe a memorable yoga session where you successfully achieved a challenging bind. What thoughts and emotions arose as you held the posture? How did it impact your sense of accomplishment and inner strength?

  3. Explore the symbolism of binds in yoga philosophy. How do they represent the union of opposing forces within oneself, such as strength and flexibility, effort and surrender? Reflect on how this concept manifests in your own life off the mat.

  4. Write about a specific bind that you find particularly challenging. What obstacles do you encounter when attempting this posture, and how do you approach overcoming them? What strategies do you use to cultivate patience and perseverance?

  5. Consider the physical benefits of yoga binds, such as improved flexibility, increased strength, and enhanced posture. How have these postures contributed to your overall physical well-being, and how do you integrate them into your regular practice?

  6. Reflect on the mental and emotional aspects of practicing binds in yoga. How does focusing on breath and alignment help you cultivate mindfulness and presence? How do you navigate moments of discomfort or resistance during challenging binds?

  7. Explore the connection between yoga binds and the concept of surrender. How does releasing attachment to the outcome and embracing the present moment deepen your practice of binds? Reflect on any insights or revelations that arise from this exploration.

  8. Write about a time when you experienced a breakthrough in your practice of a particular bind. What factors contributed to this breakthrough, and how did it impact your confidence and self-awareness?

  9. Consider the role of props and modifications in making binds more accessible. How have props like blocks, straps, or blankets supported your exploration of binds? How do you approach modifications with an attitude of self-compassion and acceptance?

  10. Reflect on how the lessons learned from practicing yoga binds on the mat can be applied to life off the mat. How do qualities like patience, resilience, and self-awareness cultivated through binds translate into your relationships, work, and personal growth?

Spring 2024 (New Moon in Aries)

  1. How can you tap into the dynamic energy of the New Moon in Aries to take initiative in areas of your life where you’ve been hesitant or stagnant?

  2. What fears or doubts do you need to release in order to fully embrace the courage and assertiveness that Aries energy offers during this lunar phase?

  3. How can you assert your independence and trust in your own abilities to carve out a path that aligns with your true identity and passions?

  4. What aspects of yourself or your life do you feel inspired to explore and discover during this New Moon in Aries, and how can you begin this journey of self-discovery?

  5. In what ways can you embrace spontaneity and welcome new experiences into your life, allowing the adventurous spirit of Aries to guide you towards growth and expansion?

  6. What actions can you take to express yourself authentically and fearlessly, embodying the spirit of fearless action and self-expression that accompanies the New Moon in Aries?

  7. How can you channel the passionate energy of this lunar phase into pursuing your goals and aspirations with enthusiasm and determination?

  8. What new beginnings are you being called to embark upon during this time, and how can you approach them with a sense of excitement and adventure?

  9. How can you cultivate a mindset of curiosity and openness, allowing yourself to embrace the unknown and trust in the unfolding of your personal journey during this transformative period?

  10. What steps can you take to ensure that you honor your own needs and desires while also remaining open to the opportunities for growth and expansion that arise during this New Moon in Aries?

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