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Tarot Spreads

January 2024

Capricorn is a practical sign that will help us approach our hopes and dreams for 2024 in a rational, responsible way. We can use the energy of this New Moon to create a to-do list for the upcoming year, setting our personal, professional, and relationship goals in place.  Because this is the first New Moon of 2024, and because it occurs in the determined, ambitious sign of Capricorn, it's a good time to dig

extra deep, and map out our wishes and goals for the upcoming year.  A spread for the New Moon in Capricorn.  

February 2024

Aquarius is an innovative and humanitarian sign highlighting our individuality as well as our connection to social groups and with social causes. This spread digs in deep and brings clarity to our closest friendships, uncovers novel ways to impact the wider community, and supports us in making the most of February's New Moon.  A spread for the New Moon in Aquarius.


March 2024

The New Moon in Pisces encourages us to expand the way we use our dreams, intuition, and spiritual

practices in our daily lives. Our imaginations are especially strong on this New Moon and it will be easier

to envision a reality in which we are doing and being exactly what we were meant to do and be.

We can use the following spread to explore how our dreams, intuition, and spiritual practices can help us see

that everything that is happening right now in our lives is happening for us rather than to us. What would our ideal lives look and feel like if we allowed ourselves to dream bigger, follow our intuition, and have more faith in ourselves and the universe?  A spread for the New Moon in Pisces.

April 2024

The New Moon in Aries heralds a period of dynamic energy, urging us to take initiative, embrace courage, and assert our independence. Ruled by Mars, it ignites our inner fire, inspiring passionate pursuits and encouraging us to boldly venture into new beginnings. This lunar phase invites self-discovery, prompting us to explore our identity and passions, while embracing spontaneity. Overall, it's a time of fearless action, self-expression, and embarking on a journey of personal growth and adventure.   A spread for the New Moon in Aries  (and some journal prompts for deeper exploration).

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