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A Spread for Spring

As you lay out the cards, focus your intention on gaining clarity and insight into the energies of the vernal equinox and how they are manifesting in your life.

5 card spread imagePNG.png
  1. Seed of Potential: This card represents the new beginnings and opportunities that are emerging with the arrival of spring. It symbolizes the seeds you are planting in your life at this time, and the potential for growth and development.

  2. Balancing Act: This card reflects the need for balance in your life as you navigate the energies of the vernal equinox. It may highlight areas where you need to find equilibrium or harmony and offer guidance on how to achieve this balance.

  3. Renewal and Rebirth: This card signifies the aspects of your life that are undergoing a process of renewal and rebirth. It represents the areas where you are shedding the old and embracing the new and encourages you to embrace change and transformation.

  4. Nurturing Growth: This card represents the energies of nurturing and growth that are present during the vernal equinox. It may offer insights into how you can nurture yourself and your goals and provide guidance on what actions you can take to support your personal growth and development.

  5. Harvesting the Fruits: This card symbolizes the potential outcomes and rewards that await you as a result of the seeds you have planted and the efforts you have made. It encourages you to stay focused and committed to your goals and reminds you to celebrate your achievements along the way.

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